Recycled and Quarry Gravel for Building and Landscaping Applications

Whether you’re looking for drainage material or a smart-looking budget-friendly driveway option, Sandhub’s range of gravels is bound to keep all our builders and landscapers happy. We also offer both quarry and recycled gravel products.

Each of our gravel products are available loose, bagged or in bulk quantities of half tonne, one tonne or cubic metres. Don’t forget we also deliver to site, click here to find out more or call 02 9742 3777 for a quote.

Blue Metal 5mm

Most commonly used for concrete and drainage, filling behind retaining walls and around ag lines. Can also be used on driveways and footpaths.

Blue Metal 10MM

Generally used as the aggregate component in concrete for footings, pads, driveways etc.  Can also be used to assist with drainage especially in soakwells.

Blue Metal 20MM

Used as the aggregate component for most concreting jobs. It’s great for drainage behind retaining walls, in trenches and over ag lines.

DGB20 Roadbase

Roadbase DGB20 is compliant with RMS specifications and is an easy to use, highly compactible material. Commonly used as base course for main roads, high traffic areas, residential subdivisions etc.

Crusher Dust

A recycled by-product of mining and quarrying, it is a great compacting material that can be used for driveways, paths and under concrete slabs.

40/70 Aggregate

40-70mm recycled concrete aggregate is a freely draining crushed concrete. Particle sizes range between 40mm and 70mm. With larger particles, this aggregate is suitable for use as backfill to building sites, behind retaining walls, rock walls and all weather access areas.

Recycled 10MM Aggregate

Ideal for compacting and for use as a free draining material, retaining wall backfill, backfill around subsoil lines, underneath pipes and slabs.

Recycled 20MM Aggregate

A cost-effective alternative to blue metal and is suited to hidden drainage layers behind retaining wall or in trenches. Can also work as a budget decorative gravel.


A blend of course sand and aggregate to use in filling masonry blocks, post holes and concrete slabs. To use just add cement and water.