Soils, Mulches, Turf, Grass and Decorative Stones

From domestic gardens to huge commercial projects, Sandhub can supply all your landscaping materials. Our raw materials include soils, mulches, decorative stones and turf and don’t forget to check out our gravels, sands and hardware to complete your landscaping project.

Each of our landscaping materials are available loose, bagged or in bulk quantities of half tonne, one tonne or cubic metres. Don’t forget we also deliver to site, click here to find out more or call 02 9742 3777 for a quote.


top soil sydney sand

Top Soil

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, which is high in nutrients and organic matter. It can be used for making new beds, borders, raised beds or as a base for lawns.

garden mix exterior rendering

Premium Garden Mix and Organic Garden Mix

Premium Garden Mix is a mixture that’s rich in organic matter. It is ideal for use as an all-purpose, rich organic blend, suitable for a wide range of plants.

turf underlay or top dressing

Turf Underlay

Can be used as an underlay or top dressing for turf and is mixed with either soil or sand to suit your specific requirements.

sand-soil blend 80-20

80/20 Sand & Soil

This blend is a mix of 80% washed sand and 20% soil. Ideal as a turf underlay or to top-dress existing garden areas. Helps prevent root rot and provides stable planting foundation.

planter free-draining, lightweight mix

Planter Box Mix

This free-draining, lightweight mix is suitable for all types of plants and contains organics, ash and compost. Use together with our Sub Planter.


eucy mulch

Eucy Mulch

This decorative landscaping mulch helps prevent moisture loss in soil, maintains even soil temperature and suppresses weed growth making it deal for all landscaping needs.

hardwood chip eucy mulch

Hardwood Chip

A long-lasting, rough-cut hardwood chip mulch that maintains its natural colour. Offers insulation while preventing evaporation and soil erosion.

forest fines decorative landscaping mulch

Forest Fines

A fine, long lasting, golden chip, that comes from sawmill plants and is soft and easy to spread. Retains water, insulates soil.


We supply a range of grasses. Call Us to Discuss your needs.

Decorative Stones

20mm cowra white

Cowra White

A very decorative, naturally formed stone mainly used in feature garden beds, pathways and even in between pavers to create a dynamic look.

cowra gold river stone sydney

Cowra Gold

A smooth pebble consisting of a mix of colours ranging from cream to yellow. It’s the ideal colour to complement sandstone walls and makes a striking contrast to plants foliage.

river stones sandhub

River Stone

A popular naturally occurring, low maintenance covering. The pebbles come from rivers such as the Nepean, Hunter, Shoalhaven and others.