Sand to suit all Building and Landscaping Projects

With a huge range of sands in stock, Sandhub can supply everything from fine washed sand through to coarse sand. Our sands come in a range of colours to suit any number of building and landscaping projects including paving, bricklaying and concrete as well as drainage material. Need to fill the kids sandpit or playground? Our fine washed sand is the perfect solution.

Each of our sand products are available loose, bagged or in bulk quantities of half tonne, one tonne or cubic metres. Don’t forget we also deliver to site, click here to find out more or call 02 9742 3777 for a quote.

fine washed sand sydney

Sydney Sand

A fine washed sand that is suitable for tiling and exterior rendering or for use around copper and electrical conduit.

newcastle sand sydney

Newcastle Sand

Newcastle Sand is a very fine washed sand which makes it the perfect choice for rendering.

river sand suitable for tiling and exterior rendering

Coarse River Sand

Pale tan in colour this sand can meet many job specifications including concrete, filter, bedding and landscape applications. Washed and screened with hard durable grains the sand has low silt content and is Australian Standard compliant.

white bush fine washed sand sydney

White Bush Sand

An off white coloured sand that is used for mixing up as mortar. Colour can be varied by mixing with either Grey Cement or Off-White Cement.

yellow bush sydney sand

Yellow Bush Sand

Yellow bush sand is used for general brick and block laying mortar mixes. Generally only used with Grey Cement to give a traditional mortar colour.

fill sand in sydney

Screened Filling Sand

Screened fill sand is a coarse fill material for under concrete or backfilling. As it is a recycled product, its colour will vary.