Tips on how to spruce up your outdoor space with decorative pebbles and rocks

Tips on how to spruce up your outdoor space with decorative pebbles and rocks

Decorative pebbles and rocks are easy to install and maintain. They require no mowing and no watering. They make extraordinary ground cover and hold the weeds down. Decorative pebbles and rocks can withstand extreme cold or heat. They also act as mulch and provide excellent drainage efficiency.

What types of rocks and pebbles are available at Sandhub?

From ‘Zen’ gardens to pool borders, Sandhub has a massive range of decorative rocks and pebbles. We outline some of our most popular choices and provide tips on how to use them in your landscaping project.

Southern White Rock – the top choice of many Sydney landscape designers

Quarried in New South Wales, Southern White Rock is the signature stone at Sandhub. Rather than a pebble, Southern White Rock is a decorative ‘aggregate’ or ‘rock’. Regarded as one of the most striking decorative rocks on the market, its pure white colour makes it a perfect contrasting stone in gardens, paths and for border edging. It is a natural stone, not dyed like other landscaping rocks. This means that it holds its colour and is resistant to staining. Available in 20mm and 40mm, Southern White Rock can be ‘milled’ into a powder as calcium carbonate which has multiple uses in the construction industry.

Southern White Rock – the ‘Zen’ garden

Make a Zen garden using Southern White Rock to create a luxurious outdoor retreat. A zen garden is a place of refuge and is a wonderful space for meditation. Traditional Japanese zen spaces typically use stone, sand, and other natural materials to create lines and patterns to evoke a serene meditative environment.

Cowra white – dynamic

Cowra white is a decorative, naturally formed stone. It is often used as an attractive feature in garden beds, pathways and even in between pavers to create a dynamic look. To create a tropical oasis, plant plenty of lush greenery and surround it with pebbles. Complete the tropical aesthetic with a timber pathway meandering through the garden. Cowra white are available loose, bagged or in bulk quantities.

River stone – naturally beautiful

River stone is a popular naturally occurring, low maintenance covering. Create a pebble border to add a beachside villa feel to your pool or entertaining area. Alternatively, use River stone with pavers to create stunning walkways. Use a uniform pattern or make a zigzag design of rotating pavers of plain and pebbled. Available loose, bagged or in bulk, River stone comes from rivers such as the Nepean, Hunter and Shoalhaven.

Sandhub – the premier destination for landscaping supplies in Sydney

From domestic gardens to large-scale commercial projects, Sandhub can supply all your landscaping and building materials. Our raw materials include soils, mulches, decorative stones and turf.

All our landscaping materials are available loose, bagged or in bulk quantities of half tonne, one tonne or cubic metres. We also deliver to site. Click here to find out more or call 02 9742 3777 for a quote.


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